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Die Domain des Weltmeisters: De-Domain

Die Domain des Weltmeisters: De-Domain: Die Fußballnationalmannschaft sollte eigene Domains bekommen

Dienstag, 3. April 2018

Dienstag, 29. August 2017

Now: The Launch of Radio-Domain

The Radio-Domain can be used for web and email addresses and will be managed by the EBU with the support of the other world broadcasting unions.
Exceptionally for the internet world, this project is a Community TLD, run for the benefit of the whole radio industry and amateur enthusiasts and reserved for people and companies with active interest in the radio sector.
The following categories will be accepted for the use of a .radio domain:
Radio broadcasting stations
  Unions of Broadcasters
   Internet radios
   Radio Amateurs
   Radio professionals (journalists, radio hosts, DJs, …)
   Radio-related companies selling radio goods and services
   Radio products and services
Those interested in acquiring a Radio-Domain can request one or more .radio domain(s) during the launch period from 23 August to 31 October 2017. The EBU believes radio stations should be the focus of this new space on the internet, and consider them as our highest priority.
However other categories of applications from the radio sector will also be considered during this phase.
“We are proposing that the radio community may like to consider securing the integrity of their web presence by requesting appropriate .radio domains for defensive reasons initially,” says the EBU’s .radio TLD Manager Alain Artero.
“The TLD will be focused on content and matters specific to radio and we want to prevent speculators and cybersquatting in this TLD; this extension will therefore rapidly become a high-value internet space for websites, mail systems and other internet applications," he continued.
The process during the launch will not be ‘first come, first served’. The .radio team will seek to optimize domain name allocation to solve contentious issues and prioritize existing radio services.
In November, the general availability will start under the "first come first served" rule but still with eligibility requirements.

Hans-Peter Oswald (English) (German)

Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2016

Berlin-Domains: Premium-Domains wie Sportfest.Berlin werden frei...


Ab 15. November gibt die Registry fast 8000 Premium Berlin-Domains frei. Darunter sind neben den Namen bekannter Berliner Straßen wie Hackesche Höfe, Hackescher Markt, Unter-den-Linden und Friedrichstrasse so schöne Namen wie,,,,,,,,,,,,,, und Diese Liste ist unter einsehbar. Die Preise erfahren Sie unter

Warum Berlin-Domains? Eine aktuelle Studie von YouGov zeigt, daß drei von vier Deutschen regelmäßig online nach lokalen Angeboten suchen. Geographische Domains wie die Berlin-Domains bieten sich an, um die lokale Suche auf Google und anderen Suchmaschinen zu unterstützen Den Zusammenhang zwischen besserem Ranking und den Neuen Top Level Domains hat eine Studie von Searchmetrics für die Berlin-Domains erwiesen. Webseiten mit Berlin-Domains plazieren sich bei regionalen Suchanfragen in Google häufig besser als Webseiten unter den De-Domains und Com-Domains. Das Ergebnis der Studie von Searchmetrics läßt sich so zusammenfassen:

"Bei 42% der Suchanfragen ranken .berlin-Domains lokal besser."

Hans-Peter Oswald